Monday, November 29, 2010

Week's workouts & accountability

Monday: don't remember and apparently didn't write it down.
Tuesday:4 rounds: 400m weighted run (14lb), 12 Push Press (75lb), 12 lateral jumps (12-15 in?), 12 SDLHP + KBswing (35lb) = 20:26  Thank God for buddies to push me through this one.  My shoulders were j-e-l-l-o
Wednesday:  4 rounds of:  100 foot Walking lunge w/35lb DB held overhead, 30 double unders, 30 pushups, 10 Handstand push-ups = 25:05
Thursday: "Jackie" 1000m row, 50 thrusters (45lb), 30 pullups = 10:28 PR for Rx...
Friday: run 4.5 mi, warmup stuff in the park: pullups, pushups, handstand walk
Saturday: Rest, Relaxation, and Football!
Sunday:  Run 2 mi, Muscle up practice, Tabata Pullups (6), Ringdips (2... jumping. ha!), Squats (17)  Finish up with Lsits: 10 sec on/off 3 rounds on rings, 3 rounds on bar

Burnout, Stress, then adding Turkey Day, Friends and Fun - excuses to test out how "cheats" affect me.  I felt GREAT about them at the time. let me remind you! but Check this out - Measurements:

November 10th:  Chest =36.25", Waist = 27.5", Abdomen = 30.5, Hips = 37.5, Thigh = 22.5
November 29th: Chest =36.5", Waist = 29.5", Abdomen = 31.8, Hips = 38.25, Thigh = 23

Three weeks, friends... three weeks of exerting my independence from the whole 30 prescription and a 5" gain.  I'm telling you it's annoying that I can think about breathing out of line and gain weight. (ok that's dramatic.  Truth I did WAY more than just think about it... heeheehee).  Oh well.  Here we go again.

need a new solution

Note it has also been 3 weeks that I have been without my precious laxative... I mean COFFEE.  Can I have it back now please... my skin is no where near clearer either.  

I'll come up with my plan of action and resolutions next time.  Now it is definitely time for bed. 

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