Saturday, November 6, 2010

The SixPack Experiment

For 18 mos. I've trained hard, and for at least 6 weeks I've been conscious in my food choices as an athlete.  Just staying the course, doing what I do, waiting for my sixpack to show up.
I've been saying that for months like I'm joking, but I'm really not.  I find super shredded abs to be remarkably fascinating and I want them.

I've not been systematic and single minded in pursuing this goal. Maybe if I focused on it I might have better results.... but nah, not really my style.  My style is to just do what I do, striving to be constantly varied and give my best - crossfit style - focused more on the results of performance on each workout rather than trying to sculpt my body in any particular way.  It will adapt.

I don't know if I'll arrive at the elusive 6 pack one day - maybe not, but in this light I'd say I'm definitely making progress!

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