Friday, November 5, 2010


What an interesting time this is in my life.  I am excited and hopeful, encouraged and renewed, except of course when I am scared and frustrated, discouraged and exhausted.  ha.
I am confident  in the victory of the Light and Good, but it IS a battle... everyday.  I have to pray against the lies, and the fear, and the tired, and the blah blah blah, inviting the Truth to renew and refill me.

At this moment there are two inklings I have (I can't call them discoveries yet)  that I am not thrilled about ... to say the least.

1) Almonds might not be my friends
2) Caffieine probably needs to leave my diet

UGHHHH!  I hate these ideas.  I do not like them one bit.  ONLY because I want to be at the end.  I want to have my diet all in a nice little package that is 'easy' to live with, if only in the sense that I have it figured out, and now I have to go back to the beginning by changing more things. 
I DON'T want to give up coffee :( and every treat I get these days is almond based, but I'm suspecting that it's not treating my body.

Isn't life just like that though?
I want to have it all figured out.  I want it to come in a nice little neat package.  I get coaxed into submission to a world of things that are not good for me because they are more appealing than the true good.   And as much as I hate the idea of making changes because I have stumbled onto a potential truth - I hate living with lies even more. 
I am so sick of lies - doctors who sell you the drugs they are supposed to sell rather than tell you what would really cure you, marketing that makes you feel like whatever they are selling is good for you or will improve your life, the list goes on...   I'm sick of commercialism in general because it rewards lies.

And here I am - faced with something SO small:  "Your beloved coffee might be the reason your acne hasn't cleared up in 15 yrs."  and I want to hate it

but I can't.  If this is the truth then I will fight for it. 

You remember this dialogue from A Few Good Men (I think). 
"I want the truth."  
"You can't handle the truth."

We think we want the truth, but almost always the truth forces us to change something, makes us a little uncomfortable, opens our eyes to things we were happy to be ignorant of (even if our ignorance is killing us).  I understand, in this moment, why so many people reject the truth.  While the truth will most definitely set you free, freedom always comes at a cost.  Too often we'd don't want to pay the price, we don't want to work for it, we don't want to fight for it... so we just ignore it.

God help me - I want the truth!

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