Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spartan Race

Next month = Super Spartan Race

I might fail, but I registered any way!
I've never run 8 miles in my life and this adds obstacles, mud, and hills.
Intimidating, Yes.
However, I am hoping that the variety will keep me entertained enough to complete the 8 miles ;)

Any Southern California peops want to join the fun?

Oven Cookin'

This was by far the best thing I've cooked in a long time... so so tasty that it deserves to be large! I'm not even a big broccoli fan, but my enthusiasm is renewed.

So what is it?  Trout (pretty much from Robb Wolf's Paleo Solution) and Broccoli (from Cordain's Paleo Diet cook book).

Set oven at 350
coat a small pan with coconut oil
Add fish, skin down
Add a layer of Dijon Mustard to the fish
Sprinkle with chopped nuts (pecans... mmm)
Bake 12 ish min.

Turn oven up to Broil.
In a bowl toss chopped broccoli with EVOO and pepper.
Squeeze in the juice of one orange, toss to coat.
Arrange on baking sheet.
Broil 10 min or till bright green.
(At 12 min mine were singed a bit, though still delicious, not preferrable)
Optional toss with walnut oil before serving.

I tend to saute everything, because it's fast right?  And I am most often on hungry overload by the time I start cooking, but I love using the oven because while the food is in there I don't have to stand over it stirring and checking.  This is valuable time to get my food mess under control or put in a load of laundry.  Every little bit helps!  My kitchen ends cleaner this way :)  Do you have tips for keeping up with the food mess while you are cooking, to minimize clean up later?

Lunch Art

Fast and Easy Lunch:

Broccoli Slaw
Curry Powder
Lemon Juice
Harboiled Eggs for protein
Raisins for my sugar addiction

Fusion of Flavors...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Zesty and Delightful

I love salads and yet I am soooo lazy to make them.  Maybe this deliciousness will help motivate me to prepare them more often.

Mixed greens
A few grape tomatoes halved
Pine nuts
Meat source (I used spicy chicken sausage)
1-2 tbs Evoo
1/2 grapefruit squeezed
1 garlic clove pressed
Salt pepper
Italian seasoning

Cover and Shake.
Let sit and marinate together for 20 minutes or so to let the flavors blend.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Veggie Eggies

a rainbow of produce = mas nutrients = bueno

coconut oil
red cabbage
2 eggs

added to heat in a frying pan and that = breakfast

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's good to get out

Went bouldering with Crossfit Black Diamond this weekend -
We had such a great time just getting out together and pushing limits in new ways.

Crossfit is a general physical preparedness program, which works pretty amazingly I'd say.
It was my first time bouldering and I felt really comfortable and strong.

Can't wait to go again!

In the meantime I've taken up a beach volleyball class, a few hours of sun, sand, and sport every weekend is good for the heart.

Re-purposed Turkey Burgers

Don't judge the looks...

Turkey veggie burger
1/2 cucumber skinned/sliced
Homemade Mayo
(Balsamic vinegar?)

Fast, tasty lunch

Friday, January 21, 2011

Death by Coconut Flour

Today I can admit that I am no gourmand.  But I was thinking, "I should post some meal every other day."  (Not that my meals are original or novel - well, the good ones usually aren't anyway.)
But mostly as an accountability factor for me; sharing something different every other day for a month, would be a good way to make sure I'm not ALWAYS eating the same things all the time.

Variety = good.  Monotony = bad.

My dearest friend Annie sacrificially sent me a great Turkey burger recipe via text message to try, and I KNOW these are delicious so what a great one to document!

The preparation and execution were going great - except I made one nearly catastrophic substitution : Coconut flour in place of Bread crumbs.  
She specified using ample bread crumbs to 'soak up the moisture' and I thought, "No bread! No problem! Coconut flour will suck the moisture out of ANY Thing!"  How deadly right I was.

The burgers were delicious, except they seemed almost designed to suck all the moisture from one's mouth as well.  Eaten just a little too quickly they may cause one to require emergency Heimlich maneuvering.  Yes, yes,  I survived, but if you have enemies you may just invite them over and serve this.  (Just kidding, even though I can destroy an easy recipe, I am confident YOU will make them perfect!)
1 lb Turkey, 1-2 eggs
Chopped veggies of your choice
I chose this time: zucchini, orange pepper, onion, and chopped spinach.
Heat EVOO in a skillet
Add veggies and saute til 'nice and sweaty'
Combine turkey, egg, and some breadcrumbs or VERY little coconut flour in a bowl mix. 
let veggies cool once done
Add to turkey mixture with some coconut aminos and/or seasonings of your choice
form loose patty and place back in the skillet.
Cook each side about 3-7 minutes as need until cooked through.
If your burgers have juices (mine did not) Clear = Done :)

Thanks, Annie! It was delicious as suggested on a bead of baby spinach with a touch of balsamic and oil ever so lightly drizzled.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Such a treat! 
$1.69 at the Asian Market
A few hacks with a big knife, pop in a straw and voila.
a natural beverage that feels really special

THEN... for a workout to earn and own it, 
crack it open and spoon out the delicious creamy goodness.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Break Down

I have been struggling the last several months, in case you didn't notice. This blog may have been an escape, an outlet, or a motivation to pull it together, whatever IT is. 
and my stalling time is up.  

I've had two days of emotional melt downs... 
thoughts proceeding (as regards topics relevant to this blog so far):
1) maybe now is not the right time to be resetting and diving into a paleo challenge 
2) It's already Day 7 of my whole 30 and I know I have missed the boat on a few things - things that may be paleo approved, but whole 30 not approved such as almond milk, gum, and honey.
so why don't I just stop and try again later, maybe lent? or at least give myself a mondo cheat day and then restart tomorrow since I'm already not doing it right.
3)  I'll just stop and pick up some wine... hmm what other cocktail would be better? I'm down, alcohol is what I need, right?

WRONG.  that's when a flicker of a light went off in my head. (I would say Holy Spirit.)
Wine, or even dairy queen, is not going to make me feel better, and honestly it won't even taste that good. 
I want to quit because I want to turn to food as a balm for my sadness, but it won't work.
As much as many of us may do this,  As socially acceptable as it may be, 

I can hear the script:
"you deserve it", "treat yourself", "you will feel better...", "relax"

there is nothing about food that is going to fix my heart. 
Food is fuel for my body, not therapy. 

I KNOW this.  I have known this.  This is not rocket science or in any way a novel idea...
unfortunately KNOWING the truth doesn't fix my brokenness. 
But today acknowledgement was enough to stop me from quitting. 
and that little light bulb made the continuing easier.

Now that the temptation is past I get to go on facing my demons and dealing with them in ways that WILL drive them away and heal my heart. 

The only way out is through.  
I am afraid, angry, frustrated,
 but on I go.    ...  

So you see, Paleo is NOT hard. The food is delicious.  It's a great way to eat and live.  You will feel better.  It's the baggage of lifetime in the way you approach food that is HARD. 

Friends, I'm banking on freedom being worth it. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good Reminder: Lean vs. Healthy

It was my clear conviction after my first 40 days of Paleo 'clean' eating... that the changes in my body were almost entirely 'behind the scenes'.  The change in body composition was quantifyable... 18 to 14% body fat, but it didn't look that different.

It suggested but doesn't show how differently my body was/is functioning on a cellular microscopic hormonal level... it's not about being skinny or looking good.  It can't be; there are 1000's of very unhealthy ways to do that.

I have dieted my whole life (ok since I was 11) for the sake of appearances.   I still have some of that to be healed of, but the diet, the lifestyle, I am striving to choose gives me about 5% incentinve for appearances and 95% incentive for long term health.

Yesterday's Mark's Daily Apple posted about why some people can eat crap and still look good...
Food for thought.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Something New

Day 3

 Recipe at Nicole's Blog
Vented to the whole 30 community about my raisin munching addiction and my boredom with cooking. They are great.

I'm going to start using the resources I can find to keep eating clean and paleo fun, while keeping any ideas of deprivation at bay...

Salmon with coconut tomato sauce and steamed brussell sprouts.
Not a salmon fan in general but the sauce = so good!

And yes, I did swear off brussell sprouts for ever, but they are tasty and healthy and in moderation may not be such an enemy.

Not my Own

In all my drama, and musings, and the stress I bring on my own head and heart, and in all my efforts to be not extreme and to be PC, I forget.  I am not my own.
I am a baptized Christian. 
My life is not mine; it is Christ's.  I have entrusted it to the One, the only One, who really does know best and loves me better than I love myself.

My life has been (and continues to be, I would do well to remember) blessed.
I really do try to daily surrender my life to His care and direction, and I know He has never steered me wrong.  I get bitter about things sometimes, because I am essentially like a 4 yr. old.  I want what I want when I want it, and I am angry or I am disappointed that the world does not bend to my every whim and desire at all times, or that natural law and truth is not what I would prefer it to be. But God is patient and He's so good with mess.  He lets me rage and rave and kick and scream and run the wrong way over and over, waiting lovingly with me, until I am ready to listen.

I have given a lot of attention and care to my food and fitness in the last year, knowing that the body is the channel of the soul, hoping that if I can gain some control and self mastery there then it will spill over to the rest of me... AND knowing exercise is necessary to my sanity.
Still true, but
This year I need to work a little harder again at caring for my soul, and I need to relax a little.

I really DON'T have to have it all figured out and the more I stop trying, the more I let go the more I can just let God show me.  He has soooo much He wants to show me.

Plan of Action/Answer: Adoration.  It's like radiation treatment.  Just show up and the grace sinks in.  (I think that's true even if you're not a catholic or a believer.  Just show up with a little faith that you can be healed too.)

There have been times when I have been a better sport about 'enjoying the ride' in life, and there are times when I think 'enough!'  I need to be a responsible adult already.
Yes yes that's true, but there really is so much that is out of my control, in some ways even more than the average person, because I deliberately pass the torch to the Holy Spirit in my life asking for the way... I guess it's a balance between ownership/take charge-ness and surrender/trust.

I am so grateful to be reminded of this. My heart is lighter already.  It is true; I am not alone.
I am so grateful for those of you who get this.  I am a social being, and it's encouraging to be understood.
And I'm grateful for those who have no idea what I am talking about, but just love enough to let me be me.  You are beautiful.  I am grateful that we don't all have to be the same or completely understand one another to journey together and still enrich one another's lives.
That's all... anti-climatic denouement... thanks!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

So Hard, yet SO fun

Wall Climbs

 I found something new to work on :)
Feel free to try this at home!

Whole 30/Paleo Challenge Take 2

So Christmas time got a little wild and ended with a repentant me on my sick bed.
I'm committing to another 40 days ... no cheats, no excuses, just real food.

Goals this time around:
1) To not allow 'going strict' to make me feel like a victim or  keep me from 'going out' and spending time with friends.
2) Not to snack on nuts all day, but save them for emergencies and a garnish.
3) To be Zone-esque in my meals... eat 5x/day no less than 2 1/2 hrs apart
4) Do eat a recovery something post workout
5) Do post meals on the Whole 30 blog for ideas and accountability

Chest 36, Waist 29, Abs 32, Hips 37.75, Thigh 22.5,
Bicep 11.75, Calf 15 (just for fun these two)
135lbs of lovely lady
compare to last time

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A bit of Light reading

Working my way through these... getting some new ideas, 
and the just the very beginning of knowledge and understanding.
If you are looking for a read on the Paleo life... Robb Wolf is a pretty easy read with a lot information and humor.

This one is next in line!

It's a LOVE.HATE kind of relationship

Your Paleo Lifestyle

1)  Absolute Truth... if strictly followed your body WILL eventually shred itself into a pretty athletic machine.  what's not to LOVE about that!

2)  You get to eat real food... and realize how good real food tastes without processing and sweeteners. LOVE

3) There is a good chance if you live alone and work from a home office you will never see people again whilst trying to eat this way economically and flavorfully, because you are too obssessvie and anal for your own good.  You will be alone and miserable. and really want to turn to Starbucks for comfort, but there is no paleo comfort there ...  HATE.

4) Sometimes you will want to rebel and have a cheat day or vacation, not because you HAVE to have something in particular, but because you deserve it, or for the sake of being social or 'normal'.... just to kick back, have fun, and not be so strict about your life... when you make this choice, you will get sick. Your body will rebel and hate you.  HATE that.

5) BUT you will not gain weight and start packing on pounds because you went on a little binder.  You will get sick, and in getting sick you will be eager to eat right again.  Additionally you will have no appetite because you. are. sick.  You may even lose weight (but it's probably from your muscles and will come back as soon as you are eating and exercising again).  LOVE. 

6) Whilst you are sick, if you have the pleasure of being so in the presence of your mother (or another motherly type), she will take care of you in the way she has learned to do with cold medicines and cough drops, all full of sugars. In her love she will tell you how your upset tummy needs the BRATT diet - you know Banana, Rice, Applesauce, Teas, and Toast... again all sugar (and grains, which are sugar), which will all be nice at the time, but will repress your immune system and keep you sick longer.  HATE

7) While cheats may happen from time to time for 'valuable' causes,  you really do experience freedom from absolutely 'have to have' cravings for bad things.  There's always a great alternative, if you have a paleo kitchen and supplies around. LOVE

8) Delicious paleo friendly options are hard to come by on the go, on the road, or at 90% of restaurants - HATE (see #3... hence you stayed holed up alone)

9) A true Paleo lifestyle is one with 8 hours of sleep a night.  There should be no guilt in sleeping because you know the dangerous things that happen in your cells when you do not get quality sleep.  LOVE

10)  A true Paleo lifestyle is as much about the balance of physical activity and leisure, lots of socializing, and sunshine, as it is about the food  LOVE.

11) But in a modern world where 10+ hours of your day are spent virtually alone in front of a computer and the other 6 waking hours are spent in travelling in a car to get a minimal amount of time outside or exercising, OR spent in shopping, cleaning, and preparation of food, who gets either the leisure, relationship time, or the amount of physical activity of a real Paleo lifestyle.. HATE.

Let's round off the list with something positive... and a better number than 11.

12)  When you are faithful to the lifestyle, you avoid illness, wake without an alarm, sleep soundly, have great energy, never have to measure food, and look good naked... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. 

These are just a few friends, believe me, the list goes on....
*Whenever any one makes "YOU" or "Everybody" statements, they are really only making a statement about one person... themselves.  Except several of these really do apply to YOU and everyone if they choose this path... like #1, 2 and #12

Curry in a Hurry

Mmm... Curry for my lingering cold & a salad for good measure

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vacation Activity highlights

I had a very restful holiday with my family.  The truth is that we are not really an active lifestyle lot.  Don't get me wrong, we each have our things we do, but as a family... not so much since the VERY long ago days of neighborhood football and various sports. 

Family is the best though, and they are very supportive of me.  If they thought I was crazy for hanging rings in a tree, they sure didn't let on.

Monday Crossfit Mobile.... the only girl in the box for the 11am class, and I felt right at home.  Growing up with 5 brothers has done that to me.   We did 1 rep Split Jerks - max 135lb for me.  That's body weight and a PR!
Then one round of "bull" which I've never done - 200 double unders (sucked) 50 OHS 75lbs, 50 pullups, 1 mile run = 22:26.  I'm ok with that.

Tuesday 7 rounds: 3 front squats 105lbs & 7 L-pullups - 10:16.  not a PR by 16sec. HOWEVER I cleaned the weight every round to squat it, whereas last time I got to use a rack.  I was hugely impressed with myself cleaning 105# in a WOD.

Thursday AMRAP in 20min: 4 pullups, 8 handstand pushups, 12 KB swings 35# = 10+6 hspu's.
I hate handstand pushups - only because I hate that I can't do them correctly.  I literally fell on my head several times in this workout trying to get appropriate depth. 

Thursday is when my body began to really hurt... and Friday is when the psycho virus set in full attack. This tripped up my 30 day Conditioning challenge.  5 days later the fever is finally coming down and I am just beginning to function.