Saturday, October 30, 2010

The evidence

The evidence speaks for itself... seriously.  Look.  You can hardly see a difference right?  Except in the face, oh and the belly... and NO I'm really not sucking in.... Ok so put the externals aside, and brace yourself for 30 days my body composition has changed drastically.  Almost 4% decrease in body fat. I went from 136 lbs* with roughly 24 lbs of fat to 135lbs with about 19lbs of fat.  I lost 5 lbs of fat in one month.  That is unbelievable. But it's true! (the same calipers, the same person pinching my inches and recording - Thank you to Eric at Crossfit North County!

But notice, I really didn't lose weight, only1lb net.  On the Whole 30 program,
my body dumped fat pounds into lean muscle pounds... That. is. Awesome.  I am without words... the evidence speaks for itself.  Wow!

Thank you to Melissa & Dallas at Whole 9! I hope one day I will get to meet you.
*136lbs was roughly my weight when I had my first body fat test... I made some poor nutritional choices for a few days before beginning this journey. so the before pics were taken at about 139lbs. 

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