Sunday, October 31, 2010

fatty fatty fats fantastic fats!

I've heard it for quite some time that fats are not your enemy, but I have been in-grained from pre-adolescence with the idea of a fat-free diet as the way to go.  All through my 20's I never really counted calories, yet I would not eat anything that was high in fat (if I was checking labels... it was a guideline not a rule).

But now - I delight in them and do not fear them!  These are the good fats in my diet.  (I forgot the Almond butter, oh my my. I love it!)

Thanks to the body fat evidence and my musculitas starting to show up better, I feel even more confident in the fact that fats are not the enemy. Without sugars or grains in my diet I don't have to regulate the amount of fat I eat so much, but I am vaguely mindful of it.  If I ate curries every night and almond butter at every meal, yeah, I'd probably gain some fat - but in moderation and balance... no fear!

Just a few delicious alternatives maybe you didn't know about -
1) coconut milk is great in coffee
2) you can make 'cheese' from almonds (it's like a ricotta texture. No joke, I make a "cheese cake" primarily from almonds)
3) Coconut milk is the base for delicious curry sauces
4) You can bake with Coconut flour or Almond flour

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