Friday, October 29, 2010

Icecream Fix

Cool deliciousness is on my mind - icecream (dairy and sugar) is out, cereal (grains and milk) are out but THIS is my fix.  Seriously so good!

1/2 banana
a big handful of frozen blueberries

1 tbs almond butter
top it off with almond milk
Crunch and stir, and even stick it in the freezer a few minutes for an extra chill if you like.

Consider these variations.
1/2 hand of walnuts crushed (if you're jones-ing for something crunchy
Or Macadamia nuts, or pecans, or your crunch of choice.
OR if you're up for Xtra sweetness add some chopped dates or a few raisins.
Also good with juicy ripe peaches. The possibilities are many!!

mmm....soo soo delicious.  Proceed with caution you may want to eat this and only this all day.

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