Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oven Cookin'

This was by far the best thing I've cooked in a long time... so so tasty that it deserves to be large! I'm not even a big broccoli fan, but my enthusiasm is renewed.

So what is it?  Trout (pretty much from Robb Wolf's Paleo Solution) and Broccoli (from Cordain's Paleo Diet cook book).

Set oven at 350
coat a small pan with coconut oil
Add fish, skin down
Add a layer of Dijon Mustard to the fish
Sprinkle with chopped nuts (pecans... mmm)
Bake 12 ish min.

Turn oven up to Broil.
In a bowl toss chopped broccoli with EVOO and pepper.
Squeeze in the juice of one orange, toss to coat.
Arrange on baking sheet.
Broil 10 min or till bright green.
(At 12 min mine were singed a bit, though still delicious, not preferrable)
Optional toss with walnut oil before serving.

I tend to saute everything, because it's fast right?  And I am most often on hungry overload by the time I start cooking, but I love using the oven because while the food is in there I don't have to stand over it stirring and checking.  This is valuable time to get my food mess under control or put in a load of laundry.  Every little bit helps!  My kitchen ends cleaner this way :)  Do you have tips for keeping up with the food mess while you are cooking, to minimize clean up later?


  1. no secret tips just clean as you go:) i can't stand the mess after either! this recipe looks deeeelish. more pics of you to inspire us all please:) hey if you liked the broccoli broiled, try roasting cauliflower if you haven't already. and carrots if you're allowed to have them. you can cut the carrots in long pieces or wedges to make them cook evenly with the cauliflower. toss in evoo, sea or kosher salt, fresh pepper. roast at 425 until they're browned. SO good.

  2. Thanks love, Cauliflower is in my fridge next to cook!! You have motivated me to roast it!
    Shoot, I'm out of carrots though. I don't know how motivating the pics would be these days, but abs update coming soon.