Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vacation Activity highlights

I had a very restful holiday with my family.  The truth is that we are not really an active lifestyle lot.  Don't get me wrong, we each have our things we do, but as a family... not so much since the VERY long ago days of neighborhood football and various sports. 

Family is the best though, and they are very supportive of me.  If they thought I was crazy for hanging rings in a tree, they sure didn't let on.

Monday Crossfit Mobile.... the only girl in the box for the 11am class, and I felt right at home.  Growing up with 5 brothers has done that to me.   We did 1 rep Split Jerks - max 135lb for me.  That's body weight and a PR!
Then one round of "bull" which I've never done - 200 double unders (sucked) 50 OHS 75lbs, 50 pullups, 1 mile run = 22:26.  I'm ok with that.

Tuesday 7 rounds: 3 front squats 105lbs & 7 L-pullups - 10:16.  not a PR by 16sec. HOWEVER I cleaned the weight every round to squat it, whereas last time I got to use a rack.  I was hugely impressed with myself cleaning 105# in a WOD.

Thursday AMRAP in 20min: 4 pullups, 8 handstand pushups, 12 KB swings 35# = 10+6 hspu's.
I hate handstand pushups - only because I hate that I can't do them correctly.  I literally fell on my head several times in this workout trying to get appropriate depth. 

Thursday is when my body began to really hurt... and Friday is when the psycho virus set in full attack. This tripped up my 30 day Conditioning challenge.  5 days later the fever is finally coming down and I am just beginning to function.

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