Friday, January 21, 2011

Death by Coconut Flour

Today I can admit that I am no gourmand.  But I was thinking, "I should post some meal every other day."  (Not that my meals are original or novel - well, the good ones usually aren't anyway.)
But mostly as an accountability factor for me; sharing something different every other day for a month, would be a good way to make sure I'm not ALWAYS eating the same things all the time.

Variety = good.  Monotony = bad.

My dearest friend Annie sacrificially sent me a great Turkey burger recipe via text message to try, and I KNOW these are delicious so what a great one to document!

The preparation and execution were going great - except I made one nearly catastrophic substitution : Coconut flour in place of Bread crumbs.  
She specified using ample bread crumbs to 'soak up the moisture' and I thought, "No bread! No problem! Coconut flour will suck the moisture out of ANY Thing!"  How deadly right I was.

The burgers were delicious, except they seemed almost designed to suck all the moisture from one's mouth as well.  Eaten just a little too quickly they may cause one to require emergency Heimlich maneuvering.  Yes, yes,  I survived, but if you have enemies you may just invite them over and serve this.  (Just kidding, even though I can destroy an easy recipe, I am confident YOU will make them perfect!)
1 lb Turkey, 1-2 eggs
Chopped veggies of your choice
I chose this time: zucchini, orange pepper, onion, and chopped spinach.
Heat EVOO in a skillet
Add veggies and saute til 'nice and sweaty'
Combine turkey, egg, and some breadcrumbs or VERY little coconut flour in a bowl mix. 
let veggies cool once done
Add to turkey mixture with some coconut aminos and/or seasonings of your choice
form loose patty and place back in the skillet.
Cook each side about 3-7 minutes as need until cooked through.
If your burgers have juices (mine did not) Clear = Done :)

Thanks, Annie! It was delicious as suggested on a bead of baby spinach with a touch of balsamic and oil ever so lightly drizzled.


  1. sorry to hear that the coconut flour didn't work for you, friend. But I'm glad that you liked them anyway. I love making these because I can have them right along with everyone else's regular burgers (or anything else, really) and not feel deprived. Delicious!