Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good Reminder: Lean vs. Healthy

It was my clear conviction after my first 40 days of Paleo 'clean' eating... that the changes in my body were almost entirely 'behind the scenes'.  The change in body composition was quantifyable... 18 to 14% body fat, but it didn't look that different.

It suggested but doesn't show how differently my body was/is functioning on a cellular microscopic hormonal level... it's not about being skinny or looking good.  It can't be; there are 1000's of very unhealthy ways to do that.

I have dieted my whole life (ok since I was 11) for the sake of appearances.   I still have some of that to be healed of, but the diet, the lifestyle, I am striving to choose gives me about 5% incentinve for appearances and 95% incentive for long term health.

Yesterday's Mark's Daily Apple posted about why some people can eat crap and still look good...
Food for thought.


  1. I read something recently about overhauling the mainstream media's idea of "fit" and what "looks good" that really resonated with me. Don't know if you have already read it but if not I think you'll enjoy it: