Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's a LOVE.HATE kind of relationship

Your Paleo Lifestyle

1)  Absolute Truth... if strictly followed your body WILL eventually shred itself into a pretty athletic machine.  what's not to LOVE about that!

2)  You get to eat real food... and realize how good real food tastes without processing and sweeteners. LOVE

3) There is a good chance if you live alone and work from a home office you will never see people again whilst trying to eat this way economically and flavorfully, because you are too obssessvie and anal for your own good.  You will be alone and miserable. and really want to turn to Starbucks for comfort, but there is no paleo comfort there ...  HATE.

4) Sometimes you will want to rebel and have a cheat day or vacation, not because you HAVE to have something in particular, but because you deserve it, or for the sake of being social or 'normal'.... just to kick back, have fun, and not be so strict about your life... when you make this choice, you will get sick. Your body will rebel and hate you.  HATE that.

5) BUT you will not gain weight and start packing on pounds because you went on a little binder.  You will get sick, and in getting sick you will be eager to eat right again.  Additionally you will have no appetite because you. are. sick.  You may even lose weight (but it's probably from your muscles and will come back as soon as you are eating and exercising again).  LOVE. 

6) Whilst you are sick, if you have the pleasure of being so in the presence of your mother (or another motherly type), she will take care of you in the way she has learned to do with cold medicines and cough drops, all full of sugars. In her love she will tell you how your upset tummy needs the BRATT diet - you know Banana, Rice, Applesauce, Teas, and Toast... again all sugar (and grains, which are sugar), which will all be nice at the time, but will repress your immune system and keep you sick longer.  HATE

7) While cheats may happen from time to time for 'valuable' causes,  you really do experience freedom from absolutely 'have to have' cravings for bad things.  There's always a great alternative, if you have a paleo kitchen and supplies around. LOVE

8) Delicious paleo friendly options are hard to come by on the go, on the road, or at 90% of restaurants - HATE (see #3... hence you stayed holed up alone)

9) A true Paleo lifestyle is one with 8 hours of sleep a night.  There should be no guilt in sleeping because you know the dangerous things that happen in your cells when you do not get quality sleep.  LOVE

10)  A true Paleo lifestyle is as much about the balance of physical activity and leisure, lots of socializing, and sunshine, as it is about the food  LOVE.

11) But in a modern world where 10+ hours of your day are spent virtually alone in front of a computer and the other 6 waking hours are spent in travelling in a car to get a minimal amount of time outside or exercising, OR spent in shopping, cleaning, and preparation of food, who gets either the leisure, relationship time, or the amount of physical activity of a real Paleo lifestyle.. HATE.

Let's round off the list with something positive... and a better number than 11.

12)  When you are faithful to the lifestyle, you avoid illness, wake without an alarm, sleep soundly, have great energy, never have to measure food, and look good naked... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. 

These are just a few friends, believe me, the list goes on....
*Whenever any one makes "YOU" or "Everybody" statements, they are really only making a statement about one person... themselves.  Except several of these really do apply to YOU and everyone if they choose this path... like #1, 2 and #12

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  1. I need to work on that sleeping thing. I KNOW that my body needs sleep. I KNOW that I live a healthier "day after" when I've slept properly (long enough). I KNOW that when I get tired I want to eat and the things I want to eat are not things that will love me back. And yet - the pull of having time to myself. The pull of the quiet. The pull the pull the pull....even once I've finished my "to do" list...the pull of the TV to just veg for a while. That's a dangerous pull. Still learning how to balance that one, for sure.