Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 2 sans Coffee

It's official.  I have cleaned and stowed the French Press and the Coffee Pot.  I bought an herbal tea replacement.  (Thanks to the suggestion of a dear friend.)
There have been times in my life that I appreciated hot tea (with cream and sugar)!  Days in Ireland and Australia - sigh... at least we have a history with happy times.  Perhaps this warmth will coax me through my break up with my beloved coffee.
This Mate' does have some barley in it, which is not "paleo"  but I have no other grains in my diet so we'll see if a tea form bothers me.  Maybe after a week of detoxing caffeine headaches I can practice taking this tea in and out of my diet to see if it has any negative effect on me.
Sleep!  Sleep is my immediate consolation for giving up coffee/caffeine.  I slept so well last night! (Granted it's 9am and I'm ready to go back to sleep, but I trust that will pass ;)  I am grateful for good sleep.  I hope in another month I can be grateful for clearer skin and increased energy levels too!

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