Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Muscle up Monday

For the last few months it has been a goal to get a muscle up by Christmas... no, by Thanksgiving... no, Christmas... the date waivers depending on my confidence of the moment.

What's a muscle up? Observe. The man with the flairy shirt & killa moustache is in honor of Movember.

Muscle ups are not something I can work on for hours - It's really taxing on my shoulder/bicep/tricep region.  I make a few attempts and then walk away.  Yesterday I got my first jumping muscle up!!!  -
With rings about 1 foot overhead and me jumping into the transition.
Yay! Hooray! Mazel Tov!  It's not even the real thing but it's a step, and I am excited!

I could only get about 3 or 4 mixed in with my warm up, and I was wasted on them. Once I get a little more solid at that, the next step is to raise the rings a bit... trying jumping into it from the greater distance & try kipping into it from hanging.

Why muscle ups? Because with the strength & conditioning gained through muscle ups - pretty much if you can get a hand up on a surface, you can climb onto it... the amount of obstacles in life diminish.
and I pretty much want to be a ninja.

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