Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 3 billion 63 sans coffee

look at how nice it looks.... how good it could be!!
It's official. My attachment to coffee is just an emotional nostalgia... like the way I've been treating food lately.  Trying to some how fill in my sadness with something that makes me feel good for a few minutes.  This is a very good awareness that I am still vulnerable to this fault.  I am grateful for this.

This morning I decided I would have a cup of coffee.  I dug out the french press, steeped and poured a cuppa.  Blah!  It didn't even taste good!! I took two sips... and a third just to be sure, before proceeding to pour it down the drain and fix myself a cuppa mate' herbal tea.
Good bye, coffee.  I will be able to move on with less lamentation for a whiile.

It's like an exboyfriend.  Every now and then when you are lonely you think of him again.  You wonder, "what if" and "maybe we are different".  You contact him, and inevitably within a conversation or two you are perfectly renewed and satisfied in why things are the way they are and that he is NOT the person for you.  You let him go again and even though you are still alone, it is a little more bearable knowing that your life is not a mess.  God has something great for you, and the road you have been on is not aimless. It's part of the journey.

So coffee, thanks for the good times we had.  I am happy now to let you go.

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