Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hungry in the Morning

I generally eat breakfast just before or as I'm starting work in the morning... about 7:30. but the last few days I feel like I am insatiable and within 45 minutes need a second breakfast.

Physically, no problem. Really I can eat as much as my body asks for of Paleo/Primal/Real foods without any fear of 'getting fat' or blowing my goals.
However this is problematic because I need to work, not be eating all the time because I'm hungry all the time - hmm...

I think I will try a little test for the rest of the week. I need to fast for some intentions anyway. So I will stick with the Zone rule of only eating every 2.5-5 hours. If I am hungry an hour after eating - oh well. I'll drink more water (I certainly need that) and hold off just another 1.5 hr.

Really, I think this little extra discipline will serve body (which thrives on being a little hungry sometimes), mind (so I can get my mind off of food and onto work), and soul (Matthew 17:21).

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