Wednesday, November 17, 2010

aches, pains, and personal records

My body kind of hurts.... my hip flexors have been so tender that I've been avoiding the foam roller in denial of the pain. My right arch has been aching. Shoulder/rotator cuffs ok presently, but muscle up practice irritates them and as soon as we start hitting more shoulders' WOD's they are likely to flair up again.
Back... oh dear. My never ending injury. I have an arthritic/degenerating disc at my 5th lumber - my back muscles spasm and freak out when they think I might be pressing the vulnerability too much.
Okay Okay body... I'll rest a bit. Ice and biofreeze, here we come. Tomorrow only furpees, I mean burpees.

Good news is today I practiced hang power snatches... 85 lbs! Not a bad start. I didn't have a record and I am very happy with that one.

And ten jumping muscle ups... Yes! Power up!  ... I want a real muscle up by next Thursday!
very pretty OHS compliments of Crossfit Black Diamond

It's a fine line between disciplining the body and abusing it.  With the way I have been eating I feel like I am working with, not fighting against, my body.  I'm not trying to manipulate it, or manipulate my food and exercises for yoyo results, abusing it with binge-ing, then lashing out at it  for not being different than it is... Finally I am working with it,  trying to give it what it needs for fuel to be it's best.  I need to take that to the fitness realm as well - knowing when to pour cold water on my pride and ease up or take a break.
Today that meant being satisfied with the 85lbs when I failed 3 times on 90lbs, and being satisfied with the 10 jumping muscle ups when I failed 3 times on the hanging ones.  Monday it meant turning an amrap WOD into a 4 round WOD (4 min. short of the intended time.)
It's all a journey... listening to my body I "live to play another day" in the words of a great trainer.  Less injury, less frustration, fewer set backs.  Always moving forward, at a healthy pace.  That's the goal anyway :)

"Many of the benefits of a strict and disciplined "healthy" lifestyle
can be compromised by a perfectionist mentality."
 -Mark Sisson . The Primal Blueprint.

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