Sunday, November 7, 2010

Play Time!

I didn't know what shape exercise/training would take this week, here it is:

Monday: 5 rounds muscle 1/2's with roll through on the rings, 12 assisted Handstand pushups, 10 burpee pullups. (seriously the most fun I've had in ages!)
Tuesday: run 4 miles (just under 40 mins, pretty comfortable pace)
Wednesday:  P90x's plyometrics
Thursday: Sets of 3,6,9,12,15,12,9,6,3 Ring Pullups & Chair dips, Each set followed by 70ft walking lunges. 13:35min
Friday:  Crossfit's Lumberjack 20 (scaled 125lb Deadlifts, 65lbs Overhead Squats, 25lb dumbbell squat cleans) 27:43
Saturday:  Much needed and delightful rest day! Including a wonderful glass of wine, which was worth the 42 day wait!

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