Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More about 'Icecream'

Two requests for the Purple Yam Icecream :)
You've got it... however, it comes with a disclaimer that it wasn't that icecream like.
So I'll give a second, truly fantastic icecreamy option.

Purple Yam "Icecream"

1/3 pkg of frozen pureed purple yams
(I purchased them from the local asian market because who doesn't need more color in their diet)

Cover with canned coconut milk in sauce pan

Add lots of cinnamon and some coconut flakes.

Warm over low heat stirring until yams are fully broken down and coated. 
Pour or spoon into freezer safe serving sizes.

I don't have an icecream maker so I just pull it out and stir it up every 10-15 min. until it's the consistency I want.  I had a few servings that were in the freezer for a night or a day and they were eaten more patiently- I spooned away at the edges while they defrosted :)

Almost chunky monkey delight
It took extra grace last night not to pull in at Dairy Queen - after a brief inner battle I made it home safely and created own version of indulgence.

In a blender add:
  • about 5 honey dates
  • handful of walnuts
  • three ice cubes
  • cover about 3/4 with almond or coconut milk.
pulse. pulse. pulse.  try to get those icecubes sufficiently blended.
  • add 1/2 banana sliced.
Give a quick blend.
Pour the frothy cool deliciousness into a bowl.  It will be the consistency and taste of melted icecream.

Stick it in the freezer, stirring at 10, 20 and 30 min. and you have a right tasty soft serve...
oh. my. goodness.   I was completely rewarded for not paying DQ a visit.

Actually I made two servings.  The 1st time I added the 1/2 banana and some frozen blueberries after the blend, just stirring them in. 
Blueberries are my staple fruit... I put them in almost everything. perhaps you haven't noticed yet.

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