Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 7 sans Coffee

oh coffee, you smooth aromatic delight to my mornings, I lament our separation.
the countdown continues...

heachaches:  today is the first without headaches
energy: too soon to tell, it's the weekend
digestion: getting back to normal
skin:  no difference

Days 5/6 I opted for mint and pomegranite teas (I LOVE mint tea) - however today I went back to the Yerba Mate'.  It feels more like coffee than lemon or orange would, and those are my only other options today.

As a treat I've been adding a spoon of carob powder to my morning tea some days... it sweetens it a little and makes it more treat like. It helps keep the Starbucks cravings at bay - oooh before I gave up coffee I had come up with a pretty acceptable home made knock off for frappeccino's - coconut or almond milk, ice, cooled coffee, cinnamon, and chopped dates, blended together for cool delight... ahhh... I digress.

7 weeks ago, I was content with my switch from flavored creamer and syrups to just coconut milk in my coffee.  The emotional/mental attachment is harder now to make this switch from coffee (ie caffeine) to herbal teas ... it's a bigger problem I think. 

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