Friday, December 3, 2010

Six Pack Experiment- one month

I've done nothing out of the ordinary in the last month that would help me get better abs.  Just 95% paleo eating and a moderate amount of crossfit.

The tummy has gone ups and down with the gastrointestinal tides and lady bloating.  Actually to give the most fair comparison I should take pics in another 3 days or so; however, just now after a work out and after a few days of deliberate light eating I am feeling skinny and encouraged... so here's the pic.
better? same? worse?

Hmm... maybe the same?  Maybe a little puffier.  Pic's are good for comparing.
I thought this experiment would be strictly "will paleo give me a 6 pack?"  without really changing how I exercise or adding any ab specific work. But if I'm going for a 6pack, then I kind of want to commit to go for it and work for it - not just wait around another 10 months to see if the paleo/primal/eat clean program does it on its own.  Decisions, decisions...

"What about Core?"  There's a crossfit video on it.  Crossfit doesn't do a lot of ab work in the way people usually think of it... situps, crunches, etc.  The core muscles of our bodies are designed primarily for stabilization - so you are really working your core muscles in a functional way when lifting weights, and everything else we do, by stabilizing your midline, i.e. back and abs are contracted, tight and stabilized as you work/lift.  This prevents injury and builds core muscles.

This is what I meant by I'm not going to do anything out of the ordinary. But I actually kind of love traditional ab work.  situps, V-ups, GHDsitups, Lsits, Knees to Elbows and feet to bar, bosu ball work, (flutter kicks I could live without).

I've always been a situp princess.  Actually, a couple months ago a trainer thought it would be a fun warm up to have us do max situps ... He had to cut me off at 600 so we would have time for the work out.  Maybe that's why I'm like a tree trunk in my torso? hmm... I digress.

Since I actually like that stuff, and a six pack is sort of a loose goal I have, I'm considering looking for a 6pack focused program to work on. Looks like I have some research to do.  I'll let you know if I make any progress on that. Really, I think diet is HUGE in looking so cut.  I'll probably just have to stay with paleo and be more conscious about my salt intake.  Wouldn't hurt if I drank pure-er water too.  Just some thoughts.


  1. looking better not worse. i see absies. honestly. it is DIET! I had a cheat meal today and feel so gross!!! but it was for a celebration. stayed paleo till the desert. had fruit and sugar. Keep up the work Kathy!

  2. Thanks Mandita! The sugar... ugh. It does bad things huh?!