Sunday, December 26, 2010

Family Fun

ah. nothing like being home for the holidays...

hung my rings from a tree.... if I could muscle up they would be helpful there.  The brothers gave me a boost to get some dips in.
taken by Mike... check out

We did some pseudo yoga diving pushup stretching in the yard... good times, then had a grappling match in our Christmas Eve fancy clothes. Mom called the match off, but I think judges would conclude Mike's victory.
My brother Chris tried to teach me some Tai Chi...  observe me not following  ->

And of course there is playing with the children and the 30's of Christmas time conditioning as my commitment for another 2 weeks.  I can get them in together... squats with the babies.

These have been nice little breaks from my perpetual indulgence ... the list of which is topped with RUM CAKE!  I did hit a mild sugar coma Christmas Eve, but doing better.

Being with family is a good stabilizer.  Life is what it is, but most of all it's worth living.  There is more beer to come for me! Hopefully I can drop in on the local crossfit Monday and gladly take the just recompense for my choices.

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