Sunday, December 5, 2010

It takes 2 days

Note to self:  Don't get so excited, or frustrated, about the apparent non-effect of poor dietary choices right away.  Give it 2 days, you will inevitably notice your body is not pleased.

I indulged in the standard munchies provided at my girls' night Friday... processed or baked grains and sugars. Why?  I don't know - depressed apathy.  pride. whatever.
Saturday, I enjoyed my leche chocolata. Whether from that or from my great workouts,  I was euphoric. I topped it off with a cocktail.

Sunday, I felt run down and like I'm getting sick.  I know I'm not sick - My body is just displeased with me.

SUGAR... sugar is my weakness and nemesis.  I have been too dismissive of that and loving the raisins and dates lately too... Ok. I know my enemy and I hope I will be more vigilant.

I have a few vacations coming up soon - a perfect opportunity to 'make an exception'
Let this be my reminder that those exceptions will not come without consequences.

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