Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's a girl thing

I've told you that I am all over the place these days.  ONE factor in that is just being a girl.
I have been questioning how much the female cycle really affects us...  In a culture that can be somewhat androgynous, and dismissive of our gender differences, some times I forget or question how much of what I'm feeling is real and how much is just in my head.

Well friends, yesterday morning, right on time, my monthly guest arrived.  I awoke this morning 1.5 lbs lighter, with my measurements coming back toward normal  (36, 29, 31.5, 37.8, 22.5... two inches down compare)... geesh... and I feel worlds better. 

Of course I have been eating very light for 2 days (with the special intention of a safe delivery for my friend. While fasting is good for me. I will not go hungry for my own sake).

But I am certain now, there is definitely something very true and powerful about the rythym of my femininity -
the swelling, water retaining, hormonal genius. 
My food cheats this last month may have made it worse... which is a testiment to the eating clean approach.

It helps to know.

So take heart my lady friends.... there is so much more going on in our bodies than just what foods we are putting in and what exercise we are putting out, while that is very important.  Don't lose heart when you think you've blown all your efforts.  Patience.  Surrender.  Just stay the course.  Peace.  All will be well.

In the meantime, just a word of warning don't google image search 'girls only'... so unnecessary. Really, world?

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