Thursday, December 16, 2010

Week's Activity with Travels

Yes, I've still been at it. Refreshed to be back in my happy place, my original crossfit box, CF rio rancho.
That's where the magic began ;)
Thursday= nada flight to Nuevo Mexico

Friday = Skill work Clean and Jerk sets of three at 75,80,85,90,95 and... 3 round 250m run +12 DB thrusters (30lbs) in 6:09

I loved loved loved being back with my old wod buddies.  Vanessa and Melanie kick @#$ and inspire me, so I'm humbled that I can push and inspire them too.  Excitement overtakes reality because I finished this WOD 1st even though I went from sea level to 5,500 ft.

Saturday= Team WOD each team member completes 30 deadlifts, 30 boxjumps, 30 Kettle bell swings, 30 burpees... no one moves on from their station until the whole team is finished their work.  One person had to wear body armor throughout. At the end we relayed 100m farmer's walk each (carrying 53lb kettlebells).
My team finished first again - I'm not competitive.  I was so surprised that the farmer's walk was so hard... maybe I've just never carried that much before.
Pics of lifts never show off a pretty face.
Right. There are no pretty faces while lifting.

Sunday & Monday Rest and Enjoy Vacation - Eat, drink, be merry. Come home and reset.

Tuesday = 10-5-3-2-1-1 Shoulder press at lbs-45,55,65,75,80,85 then 3 rounds: 10 deadlifts + 30 GHD situps = 5:50 
My over eagerness at CFRR caught up with me, coupled with too much sitting on a plane and driving, leaving my back not so great... so only 45lbs on the DL's

Wednesday = 30 burpees and 100 double unders bookmarking this shoulder-centric WOD: Standing Press 1-1-1 (max 80), PushPress 3-3-3 (max 105), PushJerk 5-5-5 (max 110)
Then all together twice SP1, PP3, PJ5.... 75 & 85 lbs.

Begin 30 day challenge... 

Thursday = will be weighted pullups and back extensions. but my hands are feeling quite blistered and bruised for some reason ... so we'll see how I pull this together.

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