Saturday, December 4, 2010

Week's Workouts

Pic compliments of CFBD
Monday:  Sick day... pretty much just a warm up: few sqats, jumprope 3 min, muscleup practice etc.

Tuesday: "Annie" 50-40-30-20-10 Double unders & Situps= 8:19 a new PR!! My double unders are back and getting better. It pays to practices skills.

Wednesday: AMRAP in 12 min of 3 deadlift, sprint 100ft or so, 10 one legged squats, 20 double unders, sprint 100ft or so... 5 or 6 rounds I lost count. 
I did 45lbs on the DL while trying to be kind to my back (Rx was like 225lbs, ha!) This is the first time I did one legged squats without holding something for support.  I am very pleased.  My left leg is weaker and I come up on my toes more, but not bad.  I'll take it!

Thursday:  5 rounds 400m run + 7 Dumb bell thrusters = 12:28 
Did this one at home using a treadmill. Only 26lbs DB's (52lb total) on the thrusters. I don't know why I hate dumb bell thrusters, they just feel heavier than the barbell, but they were like butter compared to the run.  I was able to do all sets without breaks.  The breather came getting the treadmill on/off

Friday:  Deadlifts 5x5 = 65, 85, 95, 115,  135 and Front Squats 5x5 = 65, 95, 115, 135, 145.  Tabata ring pushups for extra conditioning = 6 (lowest count) 
A few notes... today was sort of a light day.  I figured I haven't rested this week so it's ok not to do a WOD.  2nd, I haven't been lifting much in the last month, and I want to start bringing it back and testing how I feel.  Since aggitating an old back injury a 2 mos ago, I have been mostly conservative with the weight I've done.  ESPECIALLY on deadlifts.  Today I just wanted to see how it felt and more importantly just to lift some weight.

Saturday:  3 rounds: 10 muscle ups, 10 forward rolls, 20 one legged squats, 20 yd Handstand walk... 19:55  not Rx.
I was so so excited to try this.  Even though I can't do a muscle up nor walk on my hands, I didn't care.  It looked so fun and it's a challenge in the ways I love and I LOVED IT!  I want to do it again and again until I can do it right.
  I did muscle up transitions that were really more like a jumping dip. but on the last round raised the rings over my head for jumping MU's.  front rolls I love!  dizzy dizziness. One legged squats I'm getting better.  I'm just still stoked that I can do them at all! 
Handstand walks have been showing up more and more lately.  I think they will be at the games this year.  I think the farthest I got between falls was 5 hand steps.  I'll take it!  All of it.  I don't care that I was falling all over the ground for this workout.  It was awesome. 

Saturday later:  1 rep max each
Power Clean 125  PR
Bench Press 115 ( think I might have done more if I had a spotter. safety first yo)
Overhead Squat 105  PR

Happy, I feel really happy right now. This was a good week, with a great great fun WOD to finish it off. I'm lifting heavier again... little by little. I think I might just rest tomorrow!

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