Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Week's Activity & Braving the Elements

Here in Southern California we are quite spoiled with temperate weather... So when it has been dumping rain for days what's a girl to do?  Get out and play of course!  Right... I'm usually Little Miss Adventure, but this weekend I had no desire for that.  Effort and Committment - that's the best I got right now... In the words of Holly would if she could... Show up and Try hard. 

Friday Rest Day! Appointments, dinner and fun with an old friend. and I did not get my own WOD in.
Good thing I have Christmas time conditioning as my insurance- I can relax as my schedule fluctuates all over the place and at least squeeze that in everyday.

Saturday 3 rounds, 10 weighted pullups (~18lbs) + 30 Back extensions = 5:33  woohoo. 1st two rounds pullups unbroken.  For some extra conditioning tabata wall balls 10lbs = lowest count 8 or 10. I forgot.

Sunday   The rain came and I chose a workout that would let me stay inside- 3 rounds: 15 hang power cleans, 15 burpees... Rx was 105 for ladies, but I, not so gracefully, managed 95 lbs.  This really is not much fun to do alone, but I did it. 14:20

This is what a hang power clean should look like. 

Mine were something between this and catching the bar in a squat, which is the problem... need to work on my squat flexibility.

Monday:  The rain continues.  The Pull up bar is outside.  Oh well, Quite fun pulling this one off. AMRAP in 20 min: 5 chest to bar pullups, 10 ring dips, 15 Overhead Squats (65 lbs) = 4 rounds + 5 pullups. 
AND a break through... This is so embarassing, but sometimes when doing pullups I feel like I am about to pee my pants. Seriously, it's this uncomfortable feeling that my insides are about to explode.  It freaks me out.  Once it happened during "death by pullups" - after doing the peepee dance for a while (to crazy sideways glances I got from my wod buddies) I ran to the bathroom... only to find I didn't really have to go!
Monday I had this same awful sensation with the ring dips... but break through because:
1) I did not pee myself  - that's my fear when I feel like I'm about to ya know!
2) I mastered the sensation and was able to rise above it and finish my workout.  It was a minor victory to stop the freak out in my head, and to realize it's just a strange feeling my body makes that I can push through.

Tuesday:  Still raining! Fortunately for me today was inside - Back Squat Day!  I love back squats (as long as no one tries to spot me - Dear Lord, I hope that never happens again.)  And I hit a PR!  190lbs easy peasy!
I am hopeful about this lift that I will be able to raise that number quite a bit.  (shoulder press and deadlift... eh, not so much.)

Wednesday and following:  Yes Still raining.... I'm catching a red eye tonight, but I hope I will be able to let Brian run me through a WOD before I go.  Once I land in Sweet Home Alabama I'm in unfamiliar work out waters.  In my family our exercise consists mostly of getting from the couch to the dining room table and back ;)  And really that's a little bit what the holidays are about... just being together.  So I'm going to try not to be TOO anal, just get something in most days so I don't get grumpy.

Planning for the Journey:
1) Packed the RINGS and the JUMPROPE.  Hours of entertainment right there.  Need to work handstand pushups and pistol squats as well and that doesn't require equipment.

2) Found out the time to join a local running group... hope to make a 10k distance.

3) Will drop in at the local crossfit and hope they are friendly.  Thus far no response to my messages.

4)  PLAYING with my nieces and nephew... that's good cardio.

5) There's always the YMCA ;)

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