Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Belly Saga

Ok. I can't resist it.  I am just fascinated with bellies. I know it's immodest, and no one really wants to see it, but I just love the pancitas and I love tanning, and hanging out playing beach volleyball as often as possible.
And NO. I am no where nearer a six pack than when I posed the question to the blogging universe, "will paleo give me a six pack?"  Then again I have not been consistently faithful, have I?  Actually I have never been as strict as I was at the baseline pic - that one was taken after one full month of strict whole 30.  I've been a bit rebellious ever since: one month & three months.  My! how time flies when I am periodically being a cheater.

However, Today, I am celebrating me and a moment of self esteem, "being perfect just the way I am" (ah ha. ha. ha. sigh.)
Kidding not perfect, but I'm fine with the lack of pack. I still have the 'womb' lower belly (empty) bump that I am dubbing decidedly feminine. AND meanwhile I am mesmerized by these little GI Joe hip lumps.
Check it out.

For anyone feeling bad about being curvy ever.  Here's a cool article celebrating them!

AND.  If you are inclined to give me your constructive criticism - or outsiders' observation -  or your take on the wonderful world of loving the body you've got -I would love it!

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