Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Skinny Girl, Strong Girl - cheats and triumphs

Have you guys seen this?  Skinnygirl Margaritas.
1g of carbs/oz.

Rob Wolf gives a recipe for the "norcal margarita" in his book the Paleo Solution.  He offers it as a decent alcohol choice for the modern caveman or woman for those happy hour kind of days.
I ordered it by halves one time and it was pretty good, but I am not confident in the distinction between carbonated water and club soda or tonic water that have all sorts of sugars in them.

I came across this Skinnygirl option in the liquor store and decided to give it a go for a party...I mean it says on the label SKINNYGIRL after all, and don't we all want to be skinny girls if we are not?  (and strong girls if we are skinny... and short if we are tall, or tall if we are short, etc, etc...)

I admit this beverage became a gateway for many more glasses of alcohol in my life the last two weeks - leaving me not at all a skinny girl.

While it was tasty, I can't truly recommend it.  Next time, I may just splurge on the bottle of Patron Silver. But that next time will be a long way away.

So. yes, I went ahead and called my latest "Paleo Challenge" a wash... I gained weight (daily eating more nuts than a squirrel could dream of or my stomach chould really handle). But Really, I have bigger things in life to worry about right now than 5 lbs and how my non-existent six pack is not coming along.  So, I hope you won't mind, but I don't expect to have fun updates on that front for another while.
In the meantime, I will share with you my STRONG GIRL feats for the last month...

3 mile run = sub 20 min. 
PR Snatch = 95 lbs
PR Clean & Jerk = 130 lbs
PR 3 rep Dead lift = 195 lbs
PR "Annie" 50-40-30-20-10 double unders and situps = 5:34
AND I can now serve overhand in Volleyball :)

SO, I may not be a skinny girl, but I am getting stronger, faster, and more coordinated... apparently!
This is me sticking it to my jeans, my scale, body fat tests, and media in general.  F-off!

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  1. I've been really wanting to try the Skinnygirl cocktails but haven't because I've also been afraid it would be a total gateway for me too! I am really trying to focus on losing and alcohol ALWAYS slows that process down. I find it easier to just abstain from it altogether than find a good drink, because even if it is low calorie once I have a few I don't even care anymore! :)

    I'm totally impressed with your "Strong Girl" stats! Keep up the good work, lady!