Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Six pack experiment - month 3

So here we go... Why abs?  Check the starting point.  
Then one month.

Now here's months 2 and 3.
I've been considering calling the experiment a wash and call Mark Sisson full of it... but maybe it just takes a little extra work and diligence?  Maybe it's true, 6 packs are genetic and some people will just never have them.  Maybe I have thick eskimo skin?? 

I'm going to give the core training just a very little more attention and see how that goes.  And I've committed so I'm in for the Paleo challenge another few weeks, leaving me one week Mardi Gras indulgence before the strict fasting for lent.  Next thing you know we'll be at 6 months!

But I'm jumping ahead. Here we are...

Month 2 is right after Christmas with my rum cake and alcohol... uhm... how shall we say... indulgences? followed by flu where I lost 3 lbs.

Month 3 I have easing back up to training hard and back to strict clean eating and gained those lbs back. 
looking a little bloated in the gut. 
Jan 3, 2011
2 month comparison
Jan 31, 2011
3 month comparison

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