Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paleo/Whole 30 update

At first we hope too much; later on, not enough. - Joseph Roux
2nd round of paleo/whole 30 challenge has been weaker than the first.  I expected great changes with my 1st whole 30 and undertaking of the Paleo lifestyle.  This time, change has been vaguely hoped for, if at all.  That attitude is not bound to produce great results; however, "One need not hope in order to undertake; nor succeed in order to persevere." - William the Silent and that's about all I have on this leg of the journey. 

Today would be day 36... if I were counting, which I'm not. obviously.
I have another 16 days of reporting my meals/drinks to the guys at Crossfit Mobile for their challenge.
Humbling accountability. 

Lent will be my real challenge, my strict faithfulness for the salvation of souls, even though I have only the Lord to report to or check in with, even though there won't be strict measurements, and I won't know the full imperical results.  And you know what? That I am hopeful for, and excited about.  That is a cause I am stoked to take up.

In the meantime let's count the blessings of undertaking and perseverance.
1) God asks that we are faithful in life, not successful. (Mother Teresa)
2) Even though going paleo has come at a time in life that has seen me surrender and accept the need for antidepressants, it doesn't mean my diet is causing my depression.
3) I'm un-sick again!  Have been healthy since the New Year.
4) Allergies:  I spent 5 hours in a cat owner's home on super bowl Sunday and didn't leave thinking I was going to die or be sick for a week.
5) Performance-wise.  Depsite being depressed and feeling generally unmotivated to live.  I'm still putting up respectable results.  I'm finishing workouts even though all I want to do is quit most of the time.
6) I don't FEEL like I'm doing well, I don't feel like eating this way makes a difference, but really it does. If I were more rational and less emotional this would be AWESOME, but then I would be a guy... so umm. I'll stick with what I got.

That's pretty good stuff.

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