Saturday, April 2, 2011

Crossfit Games Open 2

Sectional Competitions, week 2 of 6.
This week was a whole different experience.  The workout was published Tuesday evening, and I showed up at Crossfit 760 at 6am Wednesday morning to go for it.
I warmed up with the class but had to wait until their WOD was finished to start mine so that it could be judged.
15 min AMRAP
9 deadlifts @ 100#
12 pushups
15 box jump @ 20"

Setting:  Less new to me gym and crew.  I'm starting to get familiar there. But working out alone again! Ah well. I think at 6:40 am I was still too tired, and now starting to get too hungry, to care.

Side note:  I eat ALL. THE. TIME.  hunger is an unusual occurrence in my life lately (my endless indulgence is another story).  I know being hungry sometimes is a really good thing.  And maybe working out empty was a good thing for this WOD.

Begin WOD:  Casey warned my judge to be very mellow with me. surprise ;)  and told me it's all about keeping a steady pace.

That I (mostly) did.

Deadlifts are my nemesis.  I had a back injury in highschool soccer that just got worse over years of playing hard without proper chiropractic care in my opinion.  Now it works fine, but it's a sensitive spot. Deadlifts freak me out, because they instigate a flare up as a general rule.  Fortunately 100# @ 9 reps turned out not to be tooo much.
Pushups are chest to deck with palms lifted from the ground at every rep. no worming or snaking on the rise. (this guy's pushups would not count, for example:)

 just a nice solid traditional pushup with full arm extension is the standard.  I expected to struggle more on these, but I made it through the majority of my rounds unbroken... maybe at round 7 and 8 I rested halfway.
Box Jumps - well, I suck at these.  I don't have the rythym of them, the impact is jarring on my lower back, and well I just don't like cardio ok? This becomes cardio.   I slipped a few times but kept on going.

You guys, this week was so much better.  I was in another zone or something.  "Just keep going.  Just finish."  I could have took a tune from Nemo's Dory.

Time: 9 rounds!

And fall to the ground writhing in exhaustion & pain from my. hips? that was a surprise.  My hips were killing me, so much that my worries over my lower back had dropped to the background.  

You guys,  I did it so soon after it was announced because i wanted to give myself time to try again.  But nope. I feel like I did better than the first one.  I would like to try for 10 rounds. Maybe I could do it?  umm. no.  I don't want to.  It was... awful enough apparently.  I found a happy place to protect myself through the work out, but I'm not going there again. 

It's a little like my Friday night with Chester the Molester:  Met up with and old friend that never liked to believe me that I'm only interested in being his friend. Let's just say with a few drinks it got very ugly for me, while he seemed to persist in his fantasy that he was finally making some progress.  I got through the situation as gracefully as possible, but I will never speak to him again.  

That's pretty much how week 2's WOD went for me - except with the WOD it was something I wanted and chose, and I had the joy of seeing my name on the leaderboard for a few hours before I got dropped by everyone else getting around to doing it ;)

Wednesday morning I was 3rd in the region, today I am 40th, tomorrow who knows?  
I did the best I could do, and I have no desire to put myself through it again.
For a few days.
until the next WOD is announced.

I don't know you guys.  I have been eating crap, "in honor of my birthday" for a full week. I've had a headache for a full week.  I feel gross and fat and mildly apathetic.  Hard to say if I am moving in the right direction or if I'm just getting lazy.  Please pray for some self discipline with the emotional stability and humility for competition.  Humility!  that could be a whole new post!  Have I bantered on about that before?

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