Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crossfit Games Open 3

Dearest Friends,
Your prayers are working.  Thank you so much.
It may seem silly or superstitious to pray for performance, games, sports, and competitions, but prayer is a powerful thing I will always take it!  I don't pray to win or be the best.  I pray to be my best.
Throwing tantrums, crying, and quitting are ... well, ridiculous.  Yet this is the side of me roused by competition. I don't even like me sometimes, so I am hoping for transformation - grace. composure. humility. and perseverance.
hmm... well. I am happy to put off the character building bits and just keep it fun. Thank God that's what this week brought.

5 min AMRAP
110# Squat Clean & Jerk
(110lbs for girls that is. The guys had to do 165lbs.  Holy Heavy Sh*t, Batman.)

All week I pretty much dreaded this, and put it off, refusing to think much about it until Friday.  Last week, a suspicious pain appeared in my groin region. (awesome and not at all embarassing to talk about, right?) I am a worrier. I am terrified of injuries, because I know my propensity to overdo and to get them. 

Anyway, squats hurt. So I have been scared of this workout. Scared that I would hurt myself.   After a week of being aware of the problem, and the reassurance that it is probably a knot and not a strained muscle, today I felt ready.  I didn't feel I would do great necessarily.  I just felt strong and ready. 
Easy day in the emotional stress category.  Just do it.  So I didn't really warm up that well.  I went into the gym and the workout like I was going to play.

13 rounds!

Heather Bergeron, my crossfit girl hero, got 29 rounds.  Crazy woman.  When I heard that I hoped for 20 rounds.  "If I could get 20 rounds, that would be just awesome."
I knew it was a high hope, and I am not defeated that I set it and did not reach it. (That's a minor miracle!)  I am proud of what I did, and now that I know what it feels like, and I didn't injure myself, maybe I can do a little more....

So I tried again two days (and 4 bags of peanut M&M's) later. and. fail!  10 rounds.
BOO!  diet does make a difference.

Fortunately and unfortunately, I brought our highest girl score this week, and we dropped from 7th to 20th place in the region.  This led to the resolution that we all need to lift more weight, and Monday's WOD left my back wrecked.
The next challenge - accepting my limits gracefully.  Persevering in humility and just keep going with what I can do safely.  I'm praying for prudence and healing.
Maybe I should have just prayed to win and be the best ;)
We'll see....

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  1. That was a ridiculously tough WOD, both the men's and women's weight was HEAVY. There were some great athletes at my gym really struggling with it. Good for you for giving it 100%. All we can do is hope for our best and I think the fact that you are even competing is killer! I can't wait to be good enough to do it myself some day. Congrats!