Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yeah, I eat. Every day. Like a boss!

So when I first began "blogging" (if that's what we can call this) almost 2 yrs ago, I posted a lot about food, what I was eating, how I was training... Then I fairly quickly realized that there are SO many real food bloggers out there, and really VERY few people were reading this so... meh. all my food is pretty much the same anyway.... so it got boring pretty fast.

However, a friend mentioned recently that she wished I would post what I'm eating. I didn't even realize she read my blog :) BUT yo. I love it. I'll share whatever I can that might be helpful.
Zucchini, Squash, Onions and Eggs...
broccoli slaw is my staple breakfast 'veggie' though

An average day of Food

Breakfast = 3 eggs and some mix of veggies sauteed in Coconut Oil.
ALWAYS with coffee + canned coconut milk on the side.

*If I'm feeling a little spicy I may cut one of the eggs and throw in a diced Italian sausage.

Snack = follows breakfast by 2-3 hours.
I was out of blueberries... back up= mixed berries
Honestly this is my most frequent snack lately... frozen blueberries + a big scoop of Almond or Sunbutter + some shredded coconut + almond milk and maybe 1/2 scoop protein powder...
I have NO guilt over this when my training volume is heavy and high.

If I'm more relaxed in training... and more conscious of weight control,
a good snack is
1 Hardboiled Egg or Ounce-ish of Chicken + Cherry Tomatoes + a few almonds

OR just the berries with cinnamon and coconut shreds, without all the extra fatty goodness.

Midday Training is followed by 1.5 scoop Progenex. (I hate to love it).

Note: I did not make this salad.
A restaurant did. Mine is better.
Lunch is whatever I can throw together fast.
here are two samples:

Big bowl of spinach or greens. with about 1 cup of halved grape tomatoes. spoon of garlic, some kalamata olives, Sundried tomatoes in olive oils, maybe some nuts, and scallions if I have them around...
top it off with some chicken (3-5 oz) and balsamic vinegar and call it delicious!!

fresh cilantro makes it best.

OR if I've made it and it lasted this long I may have my favorite chicken Salad with home made mayo... mmm!

Go to "the clothes make the girl" for the mayo recipe. It's bomb.

Sometimes there's time and hunger for afternoon snack... It follows along with morning snack's options.

Evening training is followed by 1.5 scoop Progenex.

Confession: this was my lunch and
dinner yesterday. 
Dinner ... finally by 9-10pm... Dinner...
Almost always a hot plate of sorts.  Sauteed up veggies with pre cooked meat source tossed in with some spices.

Example: Spaghetti Squash with Ground Turkey, onions, and mini peppers.  Sauteed, with Sundried tomatoes tossed in for a little oil and extra flavor (I do this ALL the time in place of sauces).  This one has a little balsamic on it as well.... but if you're going for the asian flavor reach for the coconut aminos.

OR, maybe I'll have cooked a roast in the crock pot and serve it up with roasted veggies (tossed in EVOO, and baked for 30-40min at 400 degrees)

Finally, IF i'm not concerned at all about weight issues... I may or may not throw in dried mango, and dark chocolate, into my day at will.  I know myself.  I can tell when it's slowing me down, so that usually is enough to keep it in check. Fats give me energy, but extra sugars drain me,  so if I need to cut treats it comes from the mango and chocolate before the nut butters and almond or coconut milk.

And that's a day!

Disclaimer: Actually the beautiful simple thing is that any meal can be eaten at any time of day.  Foods don't have to be exclusively for one particular meal or another... so much flexablity.

Important Ingredient:  all of this is accompanied by a gallon of water a day... give or take a bit depending on heat and training volume. 


  1. Yay!! This is actually very helpful considering I am a visual learner :) thanks so much!

    1. You are so welcome, Denise! I really need to learn how to post pics more efficiently. It does help to see it!