Friday, October 21, 2011

The top 20 myths of my 20's

Musing about the ridiculous things I thought about life at age 20, I wanted to make a top 20.  You know. As the title suggests. But I only came up with 5!  I could stretch it out, but I'd rather hear yours!!  What are some of your ideas at 20 that are riduculous to your current self. Can we come up with 20 things?? 

1. As I age, my gray hair and wrinkles will be the signs of my wisdom, why would I seek to change them?

2. I will meet and ride off with Prince Charming by age 24, and we will live a fairytale happily ever after, proceeding to have numerous chidren.. 7, 8, 10, 12 enough to field some sports teams.

3. I will be a master of all things domestic. Like really Martha Stewart  super star and super mom in one.  The untiring Prvbs 31 woman.

4. Older people that contradict me are just bitter about life.  I know a better way.

5.  I can totally rock some pigtails with bows in my hair. It's not juvenile. It's cute on me.



  1. So excited to find out you had a blog! Things I'd add:

    6) By the time I'm 30 I will know what I want to do with my life.
    7) It must really suck to get older (as it turns out, I'll take 31 over 21 any day!)

  2. Ha! Those are great, Jess. I'm with you on both of them! It was very cool to find out you have a twin? and blog too! :)