Monday, March 19, 2012

Four out of Five 2012

So. who's tired?  Everyone.  That's what it looks like from this angle.
There's one week left in the crossfit open for 2012, and the fatigue is permeating the atmosphere.
I took almost a whole weekend of rest and still Monday finds me feeling apathetic and exhausted.

What to do when you burn out on striving for your goals:

Step One:  Breathe.

Step Two: Take a break and do something you love. that makes you smile and fills your heart.  for me that's: Dance right now. or the beach when the sun returns.

Step Three: Remember, you love this. No matter what the outcome is. Breathe THAT in.

Step Four:  Stay in the present.  Where you are right at this moment is where you are.  That is okay. Don't worry about next week or month or all the what if's.  Do what you need to do today.

Meanwhile, get rest and remember you did not get to the point where you are overnight.  You will not lose it over night.  Give your body what it's asking for, and just start moving again on your journey... with a smile and a full heart. No excuses or fears. Just do it.

Finally, for my crossfitters in the open right now, check out Katie Hogan's tips.

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