Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend Adventures - Half Dome

My First trip to Yosemite is accomplished....   
The purpose of our weekend adventure was to hike to the top of Half Dome.
It's gorgeous right?!

This is on Mist Trail, the first big part of our climb.
 It was stunning, a wet and mossy climb along the side of Vernal Fall.
 I felt like we were in the Misty Mountains on a Hobbit adventure. 

Everywhere there is water on the trail to Half Dome there is a reminder about how dangerous it is and please stay out of the water.... Gorgeous though right?! It would be fun to get a little pad and go sledding down this water. 

My Super Friends descending the cables.  So proud of them.
This was THE funnest!!

That reddish dot with limbs is me on the high dive.  You might think I was the champion of the world except the kid in white t-shirt spoiling the effect and bring us back to reality.
I was one of 400 people hanging out on the top of this mountain that day. 

These are my peops. My warriors. My comrades in life and on mountains.
God is so good to us. 

and look a waterfall. They are all over the park. It's amazing and I think everyone should be able to experience this once in their lives.  The grandeur, the magnitude, the stunning beauty of it all is good for the soul.
Just a glimpse of eternity. 

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