Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mid year Crossfit Goals 2012

If I was fairly conservative in my goals at the outset of 2012, I am being much more bold here.
At least I feel like I am, at this moment.
The year started with hope and a fire and a promise, and by mid year...
Well, I'm in a funk. We can say that.  I can sort of see some of the reasons, but haven't quite figured out the resolution yet.

The short term solution is just to kick any discontent or confusion in the face and plow ahead just sticking to the program coach has given me... perhaps that will be another post.

Any way, so here are my bold goals! I'm owning them.  They are mine.  I will do all that I can to chip away at the space between me and their accomplishment over the next 6 months.

Mid Year 2012 Crossfit Goals: 
This is where I'd hope to be by the end of the year. 

400m run 1:10
Max pull ups 35
Get Rhythm of Butterfly kipping
Max ringdips 20
Max L sit 60 sec (gah! I'm only 3 sec short!)
Complete Mini Amanda: 7-5-3 Muscle Ups, 95# Squat Snatches
Clean & Jerk 165#
Snatch 135#  
Back Squat 250#
Deadlift 300#
Press 105#
1 Mile run sub 7:01
21 kipping Hand Stand Pushups
5 strict Hand stand pushups
3 consecutive muscle ups
2 strict chest to bar pull ups (palms forward)

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