Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Road to Regionals 2

Here we go - qualifying for the
Crossfit Southern California Regional Competition -
This is my next and biggest (so far) challenge :

Standards and Details Here...

Upon seeing this last week I went from:
1) steeled and braced - stoic to accept the challenge to
2) TEARS and anxiety to
3) amped up excitement and gratitude

There are less than 3 weeks to prepare. I am very grateful, because several regions only had 9 days before heading to their competition once these bad boy wod's were released.

I think a lot of what I had to say about the road to regionals last year is still applicable... twice daily contrast showers, and yes there is ice, and compression, and lots of arnica and tiger balm, etc.
I've added some supplements for better recovery and more regular massage and soft tissue work, as well as using the digi massager while desking it for the day job :)
But the stress is less.  I was losing my mind last year.
Also, this isn't so new to me any more. I've pretty much fully embraced it now that this is what I am.
I wear the gear. I live the nutritional and sleep and training lifestyle. I'm happier and more alive than maybe I've ever been.

So part of the relative ease is just the experience and rythym, and part of it is flying solo this year - going individual I don't have the same pressure and fear of disappointing the team. Yet, we are still making the journey somewhat together. I am so grateful for each of them and how much they teach and support me.  
Choosing to compete as an indvidual and seeing those workouts was terrifying, but it has helped me take away my crutches.  I can't work around my weaknesses; I have to attack each of them.  No matter how it goes, I know I will be a better, more well rounded athlete because of this opportunity.

This year I am excited. Thrilled.  This is a great opportunity and I'm stoked for it.
Sure, the chances of seeing me on the podium are slim to none, but I made the first cut didn't I?

You know what esle? I don't even mind the body pain, anticipation and exhaustion at this point.
Part of that has got to be that my prep time is significantly shorter having our regional competition earlier than last year, but the other part, I think, is that I know it's worth it.
There is a goal in sight.
It's not forever.
In fact it will be over too fast.
So I want to soak in every step of the journey. Embrace it. Love it.

Better every day than the day before. 
It's an exciting adventure that I feel I was born to make. That's a fun thing.

Now come on, body, stay strong and injury free!
Thanks to all my intercessors out there :)

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