Monday, August 1, 2011

Stats & Goals

Friends, I've put on some pounds... which is part of why you don't see my tummy much these days ;)
The quest for raw leanness really takes second place to my quest for crossfit super star performance.  And while I have added some lbs to the body... I've added even more to the barbell!  So I'll deal with it. Meanwhile, here's an update.

goof off striving for athleticism
Height:   5'4" 
Weight:  142

Clean & Jerk:      140
Snatch:              100
Deadlift:            245
Back Squat:        200
Bench Press:       135

Thruster 130#
100 unbroken doubles unders
Fran 4:07 rx
30 unbroken pullups

Some goals to be practiced and mastered:
Handstand walk 10ft
1 muscle up
250# deadlift
sub 6:30 mile
10 handstand pushups to abmat
1 Handstand pushup to full depth
Wallballs & boxjumps (because I suck at them. really.)

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