Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crossfit Goals 2012: October Update

This is definitely not the most ascetically pleasing post.  Sorry! Guess it's more for my own comparison of where I started and where I'm at with my goals so far. 
For the passerby, just check out all the lines and see how much I have crossed off my list. Fun!
Only TWO of my original goals from January remain!
I have 13 goals still remaining for the next almost 3 months, but I'm getting excitingly close to several of them :)

A Few to Get Started:
Set in January2012

Shoulder Press 100#
Deadlift 265#
Back Squat 235#
Squat Clean 160#, but if I can power clean it, I'll take that too!
Jerk 155#
Snatch 115#
400m run 1:10
500m row 1:50
2 Handstand Pushups full ROM
1:20 Hanstand Hold (wall)
1 Muscle up on rings
4 Bar Muscle ups
25 hand release pushups
Max pullups 35
Max ringdips 15
Hanstand Walk 5 ft.
500m row 1:45
Handstand walk 3yds
Max L sit 45 sec
Max L sit 60 sec
Top 60 in SoCal for the Crossfit Open

*red ones added by March

Mid Year 2012 Crossfit Goals: 
This is where I'd hope to be by the end of the year. 

Press 105#
Deadlift 300#
Back Squat 250#
Clean & Jerk 165#
Snatch 135#  

400m run 1:10
Max pull ups 35
Get Rhythm of Butterfly kipping
Max ringdips 20
Max L sit 60 sec (gah! I'm only 3 sec short!)
Complete Mini Amanda: 7-5-3 Muscle Ups, 95# Squat Snatches
1 Mile run sub 7:01
21 kipping Hand Stand Pushups
5 strict Hand stand pushups
3 consecutive muscle ups
2 strict chest to bar pull ups (palms forward)

It’s the October Update:
Look at everything already accomplished!
 3 months to go!

Shoulder press 100# 
Deadlift 285#
Back Squat 250#
Squat Clean 170.5#
Jerk 163#
Snatch - 132.5# Yes! 

400m run 1:20 hmph! 
        Max Pullups 35 
     The 1st 20 were butterfly J

Max ringdips 15
Max L-sit – not tested since mid year which was 57 sec.

Mini Amanda – not yet attempted but totally possible on a good muscle up day

1 Mile – not getting there 7:38 most recently

2 strict HSPU's

2 muscle ups in a row… close!

I have yet to test the rest!

Analysis:  4 months of a strength program by Casey is totally paying off!! I've made very satisfactory gains on my lifts this year so far.  With the strength & extra body weight though I'm not getting faster, but I haven't really lost much ground there, and trust it will come back to balance. Metcon's are pukeworthy lately, but I'm happy to get reacquainted with being comfortable being uncomfortable there.
My next training cycle will focus on gymnastics and I'll get to train and test more of these goals - I'm excited to see the fruits of a concentrated program in that area as well!

I'm grateful to see the hard work paying off.  I'm grateful for all the progress I still get to see at age 33.   

I'm also thankful for all the people that get negative about what's possible as we "get older" and with injuries, or who size up my limits based on my lack of lifelong athletic ability and development. 

I'm grateful for all that, because that is fuel to me!  I'm fueled and strengthened also by all the people who believe in me and tell me every day how much I CAN!  I love learning to take all of it and use it for gain.

So much of all of this sport... and life too... is a mental game!  Stronger today than yesterday!

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